Climate Alarm

sound the cLIMATE alarm on 14th March 2021

Update: After the successful Climate Alarm on the 14th of March 2021, the Klimaatcrisis Coalition will continue to make our voices heard for the climate. There will be more nationwide actions, as well as local actions organized by climate coalitions across the Netherlands. Stay in touch through our (Dutch language) newsletter or get in touch with the climate movement in your home town. Sign up for the newsletter here.


Climate Alarm 2021

More than 40 towns and cities across the Netherlands are organizing a local Climate Alarm on March 14th at 14:00. Get involved and join the Climate Alarm in your area!

Or would you rather participate from home? You can! We are working on an  interactive live stream so you can join us online on 14th March: Klimaatalarm Live.

Find out below why it’s so important to make this the biggest climate protest ever, and join in! Sign up here

Klimaatalarm Live will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook en HERE on de website on 14th March from 14:00 till 15:30. Or click here for the stream for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Why are we sounding the Climate Alarm?

The climate crisis is the greatest threat of our time. We urgently need to change course, and we need to do it now. Do we go on choosing ruined crops, deadly heat waves and water shortages, at home and abroad? Or do we choose now for fertile soil, clean air and enough drinking water?

Let’s use the financial aid that the government is now making available, to make the Netherlands fairer and greener. The government is giving billions of Euros to large polluting companies in the form of subsidies, loans and tax breaks. This is at the expense of families and small businesses. The government can only spend our tax money once. In the current situation our tax money is making the climate crisis worse. This needs to change.

We demand that the government changes course and forces companies to pay for the climate damage they cause themselves, at home and abroad. The government must ensure that companies take responsibility to become more sustainable. At their own expense. We choose people over polluting companies.

We demand real solutions and fair climate policies. For families, farmers, small business owners, for young people, indigenous communities, for you. The elections are on March 17th. On March 14th we’ll make ourselves heard throughout the Netherlands. A fair climate policy doesn’t just happen by itself. Your voice is of vital importance. Tell your friends and family and join the Climate Alarm in your area.

Let’s make ourselves heard for the climate!

Our demands:

  • Polluting companies pay for the pollution they cause
  • Healthy food, warm homes, sustainable travel and green jobs available for everyone
  • People above polluting companies
  • The government has wasted enough time. The climate can’t wait! Change is needed, now. That’s why we will make our voices heard throughout the Netherlands on the Sunday before the elections.

Make it big!

Sign up now as a participant or volunteer in your area, or sign up and join the online Klimaatalarm Live

In order to make our voices heard safely and effectively during the covid-19 crisis, it is important that you sign up. Registrations help us to keep an eye on how many people join the protest.