Klimaatmars 2021

Sign up for the march

Now is the time to stage the biggest climate protest that the Netherlands has ever seen. Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed. Sign up through the form and take to the streets with us on November 6th in Amsterdam!

Invite more people

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Become a volunteer

Without volunteers, the Climate March wouldn’t exist. In other words: we need your help! On the 6th of November, but also before that. Please sign up through the form above if you’re interested. On the right you can find a list of specific positions that need to be filled.

The Climate Crisis Coalition works together with various organizations. You can help us maintain these relationships by being part of the call team!

We work together with local groups to mobilize people everywhere in the Netherlands. For that, we need some people to be an intermediary between the Climate Crisis Coalition and local initiatives in your region.

Are you a student or simply a young person, and do you believe that fellow young people should also be part of this protest? Then join the mobilization of the largest youth bloc ever at the Climate March!

Are you a photographer, filmmaker, content creator or social media hero? Support our communications team!

In order to spread the message, a large number of packages with posters, flyers and stickers will have to be sent by post. That’s why we’re looking for someone to manage our post office!

We use Discord as a medium to keep in touch with local groups across the country. The thing is: without someone to organize the platform, it quickly turns into a maze. That’s why we need someone to moderate it!

We use Zoom for large online meetings, for example to discuss mobilization strategy with various local action groups. Great, but even greater if things run smoothly – so we need you to help us with your technical skills!


We want to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone who participates in the Climate March, while also making the protest as big as possible. And for that, we need money. Which is why we’ve set up a crowdfunding campaign! All contributions, big or small, are essential to the success of this event. Please donate some money if you can, or share the campaign online.

Spread the word

We need as many people as possible. So get out there and talk to your friends, family and colleagues. Ask them to join you in Amsterdam, or to help you spread awareness! For this you can find free promotion material on our toolkit page.

Klimaatmars 2021

Organize locally

Everywhere in the country, people like you are taking action to make this Climate March the biggest the Netherlands has ever seen. How? By motivating others in their direct living area to join! For example by handing out flyers, phoning organisations, or organizing joint travel events. Check the map to see which local groups you can join, or get started yourself with the resources below.

Are you a local action group that isn’t on the map yet? Shoot us an email at