Climate March on November 6th 2021 in Amsterdam

For a better life on earth

The climate is in crisis. People are increasingly affected by wildfires, floodings and food shortages. Yet, the Dutch government has done far too little to protect people in- and outside of the Netherlands. That’s why take to the streets of Amsterdam on November 6th, for what’s looking to be the biggest climate protest that this country has seen so far.

We demand our government take action now, in the shape of ambitious and just climate policies aimed at creating a resilient present and a liveable future. Together we can limit the damage to our habitat and build a better life on Earth.

To do this, we need everyone. People across the globe are taking to the streets at the start of November, at the same time as world leaders gather for the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow to discuss ways of tackling the climate crisis. In the Netherlands, people are rising too. Your presence is essential to making this Climate March a success. So come to Amsterdam and join.

Klimaatmars 2021